FAIE AFRIKAN ART began in 1995 with a trip to Mali and Guinea in West Africa. The impact and beauty of the art was undeniable. This began a quest to explore the art of the continent. This art is not created 'art for arts' sake'; it speaks of the connections to tradition, family, the ancestors, and the belief in the Omnipresence of the Spirit. On these pages you will share my discovery of beautiful, authentic art made in Africa by traditional craftsmen. You will feel the power and deeper purpose of these pieces. Explore these pages and allow this art force to communicate its' meaning to you.

FAIE AFRIKAN ART showcases outstanding pieces from the Western, Eastern, Central and Southern Regions of Africa. African art continues to evolve with the traditional themes being echoed by modern artists.

FAIE's prupose is to make quality African art, usually found in private collections and museums, available to wider audience, particularly those in the Diaspora, and all who are seeking deeper purpose and unspeakable beauty. Welcome to Faie Afrikan Art.