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Tea With Adrienne Powers

  • Faie Afrikan Art 1005 E. 43rd STREET CHICAGO, IL 60653 USA (map)

When the Spirits Call

On Sunday, November 10,  Faie brings to  you our latest find, Adrienne Powers.  Adrienne's work is not only intriguing and beautiful, it is full of spiritual energy. 

Artist Statement


My work focuses on spiritual belief systems of the African Diaspora. The journey started with a novel that mentioned Haitian Voudou coming from West Africa, its origin, African Vodun. This was history that I was unfamiliar with, my knowledge of "Voodoo" (the Western adaptation of the correct name vodun/Voudou/Vodou/Vudu) was based on a Western media-centered and highly inaccurate perspective. This brief encounter with a novel gave birth to the inspiration for my work today. 


The hope is to share this rich and very beautiful history through my work. I've chosen to communicate the impact that these spiritualities have had on me through figurative expression, the interpretation of patterns, symbols, texture and color. My inspiration coming from African Vodun, Ifa of the Yoruba, Lucumi of Cuba, Haitian Voudou, New Orleans Voodoo, Hoodoo and Rootwork from the Southern United States, Ancestor Reverence and many other spirit and earth based belief systems. My intent is for the viewer to consider the vibrant energy of the work as it strives to communicate the spiritual richness of the African Diaspora. 

 Adrienne will present  these textured and vibrant mixed media pieces and sacred boxes.  This is a show you do not want to miss.  Come and collect directly from this artists hand.